Basic Seo Tips For Your Website

beginner seo tipsA lot of people who are new to the SEO world want to jump right in and get started with advanced seo techniques, but often times they never lay the correct foundation.  Below are a few basic seo tips that go a long way in your website’s longterm rankings.

Choose A Good Domain Name

Experienced websmasters generally go 1 of 2 routes when choosing a domain.  You can choose a brandable domain name or a domain name loaded with keywords related to your niche.  The best names are brandable domains that are associated with your niche.  Unless you have a large budget you will have to settle for either a brandable domain or a keyword loaded domain.

Write Useful Content

No one wants to read fluff.  Publish articles that get right to the point and help people.  Resist the temptation to write for search engines.  Search engines are designed to refer people to place that provide helpful content so if you write for people the search engines

Spend Some Money On Web Design

No one wants to look at an ugly website.  Even if you have the best content in the world no one will want to read it.  There is no point in optimizing your website when visitors will just leave anyway.  Spend some extra money in the beginning and make your web design look nice.

Create A Website That Is Easy To Use

There are a few things that instantly turn off visitors.  If your page takes too long to load people will just leave and go elsewhere.  If your website is confusing and hard to follow people will get frustrated and leave.  People stay on websites that are simple, easy to use, and never down.  Think about how much you use google and how simple that is.  The easier something is to use, the more people will use it.

Spend a few days on the basics and you will see huge longterm benefits.  Make sure everything with your internal seo is perfect before you go out attempting fancy seo techniques.

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11/7/2011 Google Pagerank Update Confirmed

google pagerank update

Google released another toolbar pagerank update today (Monday, November 7th, 2011).  From the intial looks of the update, it looks to be the largest toolbar pagerank update this year.  So for all you webmasters out there that have been waiting for a major pagerank update, now is the time to go check your websites.

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White Hat Seo Tips

3 seo tips for seo consultantsThe era of search engine optimization has taken off and therefore more and more people are desperate to increase their search engine optimization knowledge. There are a lot of websites and books that go over in detail how search engine optimization can help website owners to actually improve their online business. However, there are different kinds of marketing tricks that SEO professionals use that can help website owners to get more traffic.

Not many people are aware of the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO and they get fooled by companies that are involved in black hat SEO tricks. White hat SEO is the safest form of SEO because it is in accordance with Google’s Terms of Service and Webmaster Quality Guidelines.  If you dabble into black hat seo, you run a serious risk of getting your website banned by search engines.

Here we take a quick look at 3 white hat SEO tips for webmasters.

  1. The design of your website plays a vital role in how it ranks in search engines. New website owners want to make their website visually better and therefore they add graphics and pages that can take away from how search engines crawl your website. One of the best tips for white hat SEO is to make sure that the design of the website is simple and effective. All the pages of the website should be well structured and should have headers and sub headers which will help the search engine crawlers to quickly navigate through the web pages. Using ALT tag in the images is essential to helping your content rank better.
  2. Content is king and every white hat SEO consultant knows it. If you have material that isn’t worth reading, search engines will pick up on that. Every single web page on the site should have specific targeted keywords that you are aiming to rank well for. Don’t just stuff your page with keywords because that will actually have a negative effect on your rankings.
  3. Adding meta tags to your website is a trick that a lot of seo people still do that is completely outdated. Meta tags are no longer relevant (actually they are a huge waste of time) so you should focus on your title tag instead. Make sure to title your content with what it is truly about. If you have a specific keyword in mind that you want to try to get in search results for, include it in the title.

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Basic Seo Tips

Are you planning on handing the search engine optimization process for your own website? Millions of people today think about launching their own website, but very few think about optimizing it because they know that they will not be able to achieve success if they don’t. However, there are many entrepreneurs who do not have enough capital to handle the cost of SEO professionals which is why they prefer to handle the SEO on their own. If you fall into that category here are some SEO tips that you should keep in mind.basic seo tips

Let’s start with the most basic rule of all and that is the design of the website. We all love to show off our website in a better way but sometimes that can lead to unexpected problems. Hence, the best way to handle SEO is through simple and efficient website designs. Although, your website might be simple, if the search engine crawler is able to navigate all the pages then you will find your website page ranking improving. Always keep your website simple so that your consumers are able to find the content without any problems. You can even simplify the hierarchy of your website as it will be convenient for the crawler to index your site.

Using the right keywords is just as important as the website’s design. If you are not using effective keywords you will not be able to find your website in the search results for terms that people actually search for. When you create your content you should add the suitable keywords that will attract the consumers to your website and it will also help search engine crawlers to make sense of the information that is available on your site.

Use anchor texts as often as possible because that will help your visitors follow the structure of your website easily. Most people never try to add anchor texts in their external links to improve their rankings. However, the concept of anchor texts works similarly in internal linking. Matching your anchor texts up with the keywords that you are targeting will help you rank higher in search engines.

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How to Rank Well With Long Tail Keywords

long tail seoAre you looking desperately for some kind of success for your online business? Normally, when we set up a website we all have one ultimate goal in our mind and that is to make sure that the website becomes popular so that we can enjoy the benefits of the hard work and information that we put into the website. Millions of people today try to come up with their own website because they want to share their talent and skills on the internet and they are ready to sell products and services that are still not available on the internet. No matter what you sell on the internet you need to make sure that your website has high quality content.

Keywords are very important for any kind of website and therefore various SEO professionals pay special attention to the quality of keywords that are used to impress the consumers and search engine crawlers. Inspite of all their efforts, many websites are not able to make it on the first page of google for competitive terms. Google has also revealed that more than 25% of the searches made by consumers every day have never been made before. This means that people today are searching for very specific things, products and services which need long tail keywords. Although, long tail keywords don’t have much competition they are definitely the best way to get started on search engines.

The most important thing you need to know is how to find the right long tail keyword that suits your website content. This is really important because if you are not able to find good long tail keyword for your website will have trouble getting found. The best way to find suitable long tail keywords is to think from consumer’s point of view and write down as many long tail keywords as you can make. You can even make use of Google Keyword Tool to make your results better.

Once you have a list of long tail keywords you should write your content and add them naturally in the content. Don’t try to introduce too many long tail keywords back to back in the sentences because it will look artificial. You should always focus on the quality of your content instead of trying to add these long tail keywords as frequently as possible but if the keywords fit in naturally, make sure to use them.

Try to keep your long tail keywords simple and specific. This really works in the real time because most consumers are not aware of the complicated keywords. Hence, you should be very specific about the kind of long tail keywords that you are using in the content. Being specific always helps because most of the consumers know what they searching for on the web.

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